Dreams, Intuition, and the Intuitive Heart

Presented by Henry Reed
Recorded for the 2009 Virtual Conference


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Henry ReedHenry Reed
Psychologist Henry Reed, one of the world's leading authorities on successful methods for training people to develop psychic awareness, shares proven ways to help you unleash your inner intuition in this three-part, 60-minute presentation. Through a combination of lecture and home-study using follow-up materials and guided meditations, you will discover the intuitive power of your dreams, gain tools and techniques that will help you awaken and develop your innate psychic abilities, learn to listen intuitively and experience psychic connection with others.

  • Dream Solutions, Dream Realizations
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • The Path to the Intuitive Heart

Resources for Henry Reed's Presentation on Intuition

ECIIS Discover the World of the Intuitive Heart
Expand your awareness of what's invisible to the eye and learn how to experienced shared intuitive realities with others in cooperation with ECIIS (Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Study).

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