My Psychic Journey and the Esoteric Enigma
of Our Ancient Irish Heritage
Presented by Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

Recorded live at A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach on March 17, 2914.


Dr. Mary Helen Hensley Dr. Mary Helen Hensley
In December of 1991, Mary Helen was involved in a car accident, this near-death experience changed her life forever. After the accident, a lifelong ability to communicate with those in spirit, coupled with the gift to see future events, was enhanced by a new endowment; to touch an individual, “download their past” and use this information to facilitate healing. A chiropractor fostered her own journey back to health, resulting in her attaining her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic. This presentation includes that experience and the impact it has had upon her life today, as well as her ”Inner Urge” to journey to Ireland, and pursue esoteric truths for the past 15 years. Mary Helen is the author of five books including Promised, Circles of Light, The Land Beyond the River, The Pocket Coach, and Chakra Fairies. Her website is MaryHelenHensley.com.

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